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Some folks have not been getting club emails regularly. If this is you, it may be caused one of the following reasons:


1. Club email may be hiding in your junk/spam/promotions inboxes. You can fix it with an email handling rule. We ALWAYS include SCPHC in any email's subject line. In your mail app or on-line account, add a rule that forwards/moves all emails with "SCPHC" in the subject line to your inbox. Unfortunately, we do not have a single email address that you could add to your contacts/address list to let club emails in. Likewise, moving a club email into your inbox one time will not cause all subsequent email to go there because the emails come from different addresses.


2. We may have the wrong email address for you or you may have previously unsubscribed from the feed. In either case, you can fix it by sending an email to Chuck Ennis with your correct email address or ask him to resubscribe you to the mail list.


3. You might be OK with not getting email from us. In that case go to the club website. You just have to remember to check it out regularly.

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