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Space Coast Parrot Head Club Board of Directors

The PHolks who keep our PHlocking PHamily PHunctioning.

'Council' meetings are open to our PHlock. Meetings are held monthly (more often if necessary) generally on the first Sunday of the month at 5pm (subject to change). If you have an idea you'd like to present to the board, please contact our 'Member At Large'.

Board meeting locations vary, so check the calendar or previous months meeting notes. Again, meetings are open to all club members.

Gus Liby_edited.jpg

Gus Liby


Mike Ernst_edited.jpg

Mike Ernst

Vice President

Cathy Furtado.jpg

Cathy Furtado


Cindy Pennington_edited.jpg

Cindy Pennington


Laura Ennis_edited.jpg

Laura Ennis

Membership Director

candy Worthington_edited.jpg

Candy Worthington

Community Service Director

Floyd White_edited.jpg

'Hurricane' Floyd White

Social Director

Curt Meador2.jpg

Curtis Meador

Member At Large

Roy Kellner_edited.jpg

Roy Kellner

Past President

Pat Clawson_edited.jpg

Pat Clawson


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