Leaving Brevard 'a little better than we PHound it' through community service and PHun

Rules of the PHlock

Why does a parrothead club need rules?  Well, while we like to think of ourselves as laid back individuals who just want to gather to have PHun, when the truth be known, we're human.  Sometimes, humans make mistakes, and once we try to live on our own 'island of paradise,' and we invite others to join us in that 'one particular harbor,' it becomes necessary to have SOME rules in place to make sure we all live in harmony and PHollow the guidelines setforth by Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc..  Therefore, our Council of PHeathers gathered and discussed how we could best meet the needs of our PHlock.  We developed and approved these guidelines in March of 2008.

Click HERE to become familiar with our Official SpaceCoast Parrothead Club Bylaws.

           Things ALL SpaceCoast Parrothead Club PHlockers Need to Know          

PHins up PHolks... Remember, we are in this for the PHun. Whether at a club event, using the e-mail system, or visiting our web-site, please DO NOT solicit members for personal, business, or ideological gain. Our PHlockers do not want to receive your e-mail pleas for good luck, your jokes, or your business deals. We don't want to buy your car, the stuff you sell, or support your keet's school project.                         

A note from PHIP, Inc.
The PHiP 7 Deadly Sins
1.  Merchandising I: "What's in a name?"  Plenty!!  And Jimmy's proud of his.  Thou shall not use Jimmy's name, Margaritaville, or any of Jimmy's trademarks for sale of merchandise, except to members of PHiP sanctioned chapters only.
2.  Remain Incommunicado:  Thou shall not contact HK Management, The Howard Rose Agency and Margaritaville Holdings, Inc. regarding Jimmy Buffett tickets or solicitation of merchandise/donations.
3.  Coveting:  Thou shall not tread on another club's territory without contacting the club, in advance, with a proposal to host a joint "party with a purpose".
4.  Incident or Accident:  Thou shall not sell PHiP Club concert tickets to non-club members.
5.  Sneaky:  Thou shall not be sneaky and pad the club roster or falsify club records to PHiP.
6.  Merchandising II:  Thou shall not use the trademarked PHiP logo for ANY purpose, except where specified.
7.  Troublemaker:  Do not be a troublemaker. 
The PHC Golden Rule
Respect your membership, your fellow officers and board members, your PHC neighbors and treat everyone as you expect you and yours to be treated.